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MCM Dresser Makeover

The sleek streamline style of MCM is one of the biggest draws of this style. I am in love this MCM dresser makeover! My neighbor had been asking me for many years to come and take some of the furniture out of his basement. Finally got around to it and the hubs said “babe should we just burn this stuff?” One of the pieces I was considering only because of lead paint concerns and just not wanting to deal with that anymore but in the end we decided to keep it all. Started restorations with this beauty!

I knew I wanted to create something unique but keep with the MCM style. Looking through my stash of Prima Re-Design Transfers I found just what I needed to create the best MCM dresser.

My Process

Took all the metal parts off, the trim on the bottom. The hardware I hated the look of so I tossed those. Clean and buffed he legs and trim.

Stripped using Smart Strip check out my blog on other stripping options. Sanded using my trusty Ryobi Orbital Sander. If you are going to upgrade to a power sander I would recommend starting with the electric Ryobi Orbital. Its very light weight and durable! I used a 120 sand paper to start and then went to a 220.

Once the sanding was completed its time for the staining. I went with a Van Dyke Brown. I wanted to keep the wood tone neutral in color but darker or the transfer I was going to use would be hard to see and not contrast nicely. Check her out after the staining she’s almost done!

Time for clear coating! I used my go to product Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer for the top coat. I have tried clear coating after the transfer but the clear coats never seem to stick to the transfers so I do clear coat over the top of them.

Furniture Transfer

The transfers are so very easy to use. Stick, rub, and, peel and your done! The hardest part for me is coming up with the layout design. This one worked out really well and the gold fans where easy to place. The final touches was the hardware I wanted to keep it simple not only because that is the MCM style but also because I didn’t want the handles to take away from the gold fans.

Picked up these handles from Amazon. Amazon is a great place to get hardware cheap and fast! You can also check out which have some great options too.

Where to get Prima Re-Design Transfers? Well glad you asked. For my local readers (SE Wisconsin) please visit This and That Craft Mill in Genesee Depot. I am selling transfers and Salt Wash there. You can also check out their website

Happy creating and thanks for reading

Tara Lou

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