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Neutral Wall Colors

Picking out wall colors can feel just completely overwhelming. Your safest bet for versatility in future redecorating is always neutrals, but there are so many shades of neutrals; Where do you even start?

What you will need:

Paint book or color swatches

Accent pieces (either picked out or online) that are staples to the space

Tips for narrowing down your options:

Stand in the middle of your space, in natural light if possible. Flip through your options, and pull 5-10 swatches that catch your eye. Hold the colors you like up against a wall. Follow these rules to get the best idea of what the color will look like:

  • Use a white background to help you see the true color. You can use a plain sheet of copy paper if your walls aren’t white.
  • Hold the colors against each wall that will be painted, as the light hits each plain differently.
  • Check the same colors both during the day in natural light, and at night in artificial light. The difference may surprise you!
  • Be mindful of undertones, as they can work to your advantage but also tend to be distracting. The key is knowing what undertones are. When you hold swatches within a book next to each other, it is easier to see these. For example, a simple gray may look more blue or green when held up to another gray. This can help you coordinate with other accent colors within the space. However, be sure to also follow the white background rule above and focus on that, isolating the color(s) you choose when making your final decision. Remember, while a gray tone may look blue next to another gray, it probably won’t look so blue when it stands alone.

You can start eliminating the color chips you don’t like from here. Once you have narrowed it down to less then five, ask your paint store about getting samples.

Paint squares on the wall large enough to get a good idea of the color in the room.  Make sure you walk away and come back to look at the colors through out the day!

More tips…

-Most paint stores carry multiple different paint books. Ask to see a paint book and if you can take it home. You can even buy a book on Amazon!

– Most paint stores can also match colors from other companies. Make sure you use a brand and sheen that you have researched and feel confident about, and then choose the color separately.

-If you have your own paint swatch book, use a rubber band or paper clips to section off the neutrals for easy grabbing each time you need a frame if reference!

You are not alone in feeling confused when choosing a neutral that is perfect for your room. There are endless options, and at some point they tend to all look the same. But if you follow the rules above, you can quickly make a decision and move forward confidently!

Happy Painting,

Tara Lou

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