MCM Dressers

During a recent stop at my local thrift store, I was thrilled to find they were holding a huge furniture sale!  Once I saw the outstanding prices on these beauties, I didn’t hesitate one second longer before handing over my cash and attempting to squeeze them into my Suburban… Which ultimately was unsuccessful, so I had to come back for a second load. Haha!  These two mid-century modern (MCM) dressers were in great condition structurally.  As you can see though, the finish was not great and the hardware was not quite right.

MCM Tall Dresser – Before

MCM Tall Dresser – After

Coming up with the design schedules for these pieces was just as fun as executing them!  On MCM 1, I used Coastal Blue Milk Paint by General Finishes for the frame, along with their Millstone Milk Paint mixed with Wood Stain Clear Base to create a custom stain color.  Water-based finish for a non-ambering finish coat and new hardware were the final touches!

MCM Low Dresser – Before

MCM Low dresser

MCM Low Dresser – After

This low dresser was just as much fun as the first!  I used a river way blue paint that was a leftover from a fellow painter’s job.  The lighter blue in the vertical zig-zag is the same color toned down with white to maintain a consistent monochromatic color palette.  I darkened the wood just a tad too, before applying the paint.  Fresh clear coat and gold hardware were the last touches this dresser needed.

(Sorry the pictures are a little blurry, sometimes I just get too excited about a finished project!)

Whats your style of MCM? Personally, we just love them all!

Happy junking, friends! Thanks for reading!

Tara and Becca

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