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Written by UpCycle Girl Tara

When my client asked me to restore her grandmother’s stool, I was more than thrilled. My roots in the restoration industry have been with true antiques. I have spent years studying and learning about authenticity, visiting historical places and learning proper restoration practices.

This particular stool just needed new upholstery. I knew that the needle point fabric wasn’t original, since my client informed me that her grandmother had done that herself. I was asked to simply repair the hole and save the fabric, as it held sentimental value. Quite the honor to be asked, and I’m good at what I do… but not that good! Ha!

I suggested that instead, we frame the material separately to save it and explore new options for the stool’s upholstery. This solution made her very happy, because not only would her grandmother’s handiwork be preserved in a special way, but the stool would be functional again!

Reupholstering this stool was SUCH a cool process. The inside was filled the old-fashioned way with straw and cotton batting.

We chose a real leather for fabric, which I found for a steal at a thrift store.

Next up, I framed the old material. This of course, is super simple. I had an old frame with no glass that worked perfectly.

I painted and distressed the frame, attached the material using a staple gun, and used residual material to patch the hole.

What do you think? Did this help you make any design or restoration decisions of your own?

Thank you for reading and happy junking!

Tara and Becca

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