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Veneer Patch

Check out this sweet folding seat bench! I just picked this up from my client. They are building a new house and want this beauty for their front porch.

She does have some issues that will need to be addressed. The wood needs to be cleaned and there is a missing patch of veneer.

This wood is staying natural so instead of filling with wood filler or bondo I am going to show you how to make a compression veneer patch.

Here is the missing veneer

The Supplies:

  • Glue
  • Blue tape
  • C-clamps
  • Wax paper
  • Rags
  • Wood scrap size of missing veneer
  • Veneer
  • Burn in knife
  • Hard wax fill
  • Blending powders
  • Finishers Glaze

The links are for my Amazon Affiliate account please read more here. For the last three supplies check Mohawk Finishing Products. Disclaimer I am not getting paid to represent Mohawk however I use their products daily and I only recommend products that I use.

Placing the veneer on the missing area

First I selected the veneer from a pack I purchased on Amazon. I choose the most alike veneer and checked the area of the wood grain to insure my grain is going in the same direction. The I cut the veneer larger than the area.

The veneer I have is thinner than the veneer on this piece so I built up three layers of veneer with glue in between. I taped it on because I only have so many arms and I dont want the veneer to slide around.

Then I put the wax paper over the area so the glue that seeps out doesn’t end up sticking to my rags.

Next build up a lot of rags to cover the area this is the compression part. Place the wood over the top and use your c-clamps to compress the veneer into the area.

Clamping Down the Veneer

I used a thin piece of plywood on this only because the area is curved and I wanted something that would bend to form the profile. I would recommend on flat surfaces that you use harder solid wood.

Also make sure you use a lot of clamps you need pressure in every area.

Almost Completed

Took the clamps off and here is the veneer patch. I cut the veneer bigger than the area I have to shave and sand down the veneer to become level. You can use a combination of chisels and sanding to accomplish this. The slower the better, I did end up chipping out the veneer a little and had to go back and glue it in.

Final Steps to leveling

I used Mohawks finishers glaze on the back of the seats just on the outside edges and then blended it in. This bench has a lot of dents and flaws all over my client wants to try and keep it on the lighter color so to blend all the defects together I choose the glaze.

Come back and see what it looks like all completed!

Thanks for reading

Tara Lou

Patch Veneer
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