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Big Changes from The Upcycle Girls

We have some news which is both exciting and somber for us to share with our followers. Becca is leaving the UpCycle Girls.

Becca has accepted a job with one of our vendors, still doing what she loves by promoting and teaching about some awesome products in the DIY industry. She will still be available for general design consultation.

What about Tara? She’s still going to be killing it as a boss babe refinishing your favorite pieces and working for a local furniture retailer doing repair and restoration. She will also continue to produce the awesome DIY refinishing blog!

Some things will change, one of them being the business name. Keep an eye out for future posts, Tara might ask for your input!

Tara and Becca would both like to thank you all for your continued support through the years. Please bid farewell and luck to Becca on her new adventures, and keep following Tara (the girl who started it all!) to keep seeing some awesome projects, tips and tricks!

With much love, junk on!
The UpCycle Girls

Tara Lou

Mama, wife, furniture connoisseur, small business owner, nature-lover, homebody, hunter.

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