Vintage Mirror Gets Revived

Every spring my hubby sets out for a local auction. He gets up super early and spends his day there. This year I actually got to go with. While we waited for the items we wanted to bid on Dave (the hubs) told me how when he was a kid he would go with his dad but his dad would hardly bid on anything. The bidding part at auctions are the thrill he told me. I have always been too scared to bid on anything at an auction until that day. Restored Mirror

This was my firs bid ever and I won a vintage mirror. Well, I was the only one bidding too, haha! $1.00 got me this sweet mirror I am just a sucker for mirrors with carvings.

Mirror Before

However had a lot of broken carvings, but if you know me you know that I love a challenge plus I think almost everything is worth saving.

If this is a true antique and worth some money I would restore this properly, however its not and I paid a buck so cutting the top off is acceptable for a restoration.

First I set up my new camera for this project to get a good idea of how well it can keep up with me. Watch as this vintage mirror gets revived

After repairing all the damage I recolored my patching areas with a bronze to match the rest. After painting while the paint was still damp I wet distressed the carved areas to enhance those areas. I used a bronze glaze and a clear coat to finish it off.

Do you go to auctions? What is your favorite auction bid? I will for sure be going to more let me know know some tips.

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The Mirror After

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