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Lake Cottage Table Makeover

I love this style of table and chairs its screams 90s. Which I did love the 90s like Tamagochi, slap bracelets and The Goosebumps books but I did not love all the orange!! So much orange wood cringe. What I do love most is the press back chairs you don’t always see this style. I loved watching my designs come to life like this set.

The Designs

One of my rules of thumb is I almost never paint tops of high traffic pieces. I have turned jobs away because the client wanted the table tops painted. Even though I use paint designed for furniture I still don’t like to paint the tops of kitchen chairs or table tops. My kitchen table has gone through the ringer and let me tell you if I had painted it it would look AWFUL!!

Ok back to the design. I knew I was going to do the top wood but I wanted to do a natural wood color. I have always wanted to do a table with all different color and style chairs. So instead I did two beachy colors for the chairs and a natural grey base.

The Makeover

Product Dump

Heres a good list of products I used to make this look. Yes I do get the General Finishes white paint and create my own colors using Mixol pigments. Its really quite fun you should try it!!

Thanks for joining along on this makeover! What a fun one it was too. See ya next time.

Many Blessings

Tara Lou

Tara Lou

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